PSX news


Sony have brought out some more news on the forthcoming PSX, according to the bbc news it feature the TV tuner, Harddisk, PS2 internals that we thought it would be. Not included in the box are MP3 playback and CD-R support.

Sony PSX

The DESR-7000 will sport a 250Gb Harddisk for 99,800 yen, and the DESR-5000 a 160Gb Disk for 79,800 yen.
Non-inclusion of MP3 playback might not be so bad, the audio format at its best doesn’t have the fidelity that competing codecs can manage though Sony’s proprietary ATRAC format suffers from not being compatiable in alot of devices including Apple’s widespread iPod. One wishes that it would have Divx/xvid support, and support for CD-Rs as a large number of the buying public would probably have a store of MP3′s on the disks.

Nice looking box though..

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