USA more fun!


Reading other users blogs and news sites has shown that the level of new and interesting technology for the home coming out from over the Pond is so much greater than here and with much more competitive pricing.
Not only have they had a greater range of home-automation products for many years now because of x10, they are starting to see many of the big computer manufactor’s getting in the on the act, not least Gateway.

Gateway DVD playerGateway have been supply big Plasma flatscreens for TV for a while, but are now offering HDTV LCD screens for very reasonable prices.
But what really got my interest was their new DVD player range – not only a DVD player but also ethernet or wirelessly connected with support for streaming MP3, MPEG, WMA and DIVX from a network. Great, but I don’t see why they can’t support PAL regions either. Now just really a software and power supply change, it should be easy but no-one seems to be thinking of us over here. Lets hope soon they realise that they can saturate the market over here with good products.

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