RSS – useful after all


After looking at creating an RSS news feed I thought that I would checkout some readers, not thinking that they would be quite so useful to myself as they are. After downloading an RSS news reader I have been won over, instead of going around the many news sites I do every day I can simply get the headlines, some body content and a link to the article proper

Quite simply it is one of the best services I have come accross in along time and I wish the FT, Reuters, PixelSurgeon, DiK and a few others would supply their news feeds like this also. I have been using the NetNewsWire Software from Ranchero software on a OS 10.3 Mac and its 3 paned interface works like a charm, very much like outlook. I changed the subscription refresh so it updates the news more often and though syndic8 I grabbed the address of the following news feeds:

I can see this saving some time, but obviously I am sure that I will waste it with some other equally trival use of my day! Now I can see this working really well it gives me the push to get the RSS news feed working properly, though there seems to be some fight over the DTD in the validators so copying the syntax from one of the more compliant feeds might be the easiest way to go about things.

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