National Geographic shooting on Digital Cameras


Being employed by a Stock Photography company I am constantly looking at Pictures and obliviously the technicalities of creating Photography is of interest and beneficial to my position. Up until recently digital photography has been seen as the poor cousin of film but things are starting to change, but I wouldn’t be surprised if one publication will help this change evolve somewhat quicker now.

Many see the National Geographic as a benchmark and its acceptance of using digital cameras for one of its main shots as seen in this article will spur publishers to take on the advantages offered by this medium. Film should rightly always have a place in the photographers toolbox but digital is now up there certainly for usability in a lot of circumstances and if photographers are willing to use the format and they will be most knowledgeable on the subject this shows the suitability of this technology.

I often wonder why the reluctance is at the publishers end, but then looking at the take up of new technology it isn’t often the main users that drag there feet but the mis-understanding of those around them.

Added to this is the fact that Eastman Kodak have announced that they are stopping selling traditional film cameras in Europe and North America. Read more on BBC News.

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