Damn Virus!


Well after that last update I found that I hadn’t installed my Anti-Virus software properly and of course within hours of installing everything I caught a particularly nasty trojan and virus. So now a reinstall has fixed it but what a waste of time, needless to say the first thing I installed was anti-virus software and this time the AVG non-commercial licensed version from Grisoft – http://www.grisoft.com/us/us_index.php and I have found it very good so far.. This together with BlackICE firewall is helping, though I still have to bring up my external Smoothwall Firewall.

The time it takes to install Windows XP, then service pack, updates and latest drivers is considerable – it most have taken 2.5 hours just to install the base system how I like it – compare this with a nice distro of linux where it would have installed just about every application and server that you need as well as the update in that time, and you probably would have had time to download all the latest packages aswell if you needed to, makes me wonder where the critiscm for Linux installs comes from. I must admit though I like XP as a desktop OS now, I am used to, I have got it paired down and along with a few tweaks I think it is a very usable system.

There are some little applications that I really like at the moment and I would suggest you give them a try. In no particular order:

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