I really ought to remember how to do this, but I am upgrading my home firewall because I was running an older version of smoothwall and I forgot how to put the manual probing of the network card information in. For next time:

ne io=0×220,0×300 irq=5,4

I must say that smoothwall is coming on leaps and bounds with each release and if you need a firewalling or sharing solution for your home no matter how much knowledge you have this is a great product. Try not to use NE2000 (realtek) network cards and you will get on fine, otherwise you have to be probing around trying to find irqs and io addresses.

Out of the box smoothwall supports all the niceties that you can imagine from a firewall including, caching server, intrusion detection, dhcp – but if there is a feature that it doesn’t have the very active community probably has a fix. IPCop is also very good, but I prefer the Smoothwall community at the moment so I will be sticking with that for the foreseable future.

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