woohoo! So someone was good enough to give me an invite, yes its still invite only, to set myself up on gmail so I now have the timchild at gmail address with 1Gb of space. First impressions, its very google like, very fast and very easy to use (unless their DNS servers go haywire and then I might as well post email).

The next thing that I want to do is to import all my email from the last 10 years into here so I can nicely index and search on things (a feature that really works!). This would be a great feature, although already I know that one of the major uses of it is trading MP3s Not something that I would think google thought about with their 10mb attachment limit.

Other than that its pretty damn cool, though now I have so many addresses anyone wanting to get in touch will probably get overly confused, and my yahoo account has just gone up to 100mb. There search isn’t quite on the same level though.

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