Installing Debian unstable


Just been trying out the install to the latest unstable version of Debian (that is due to go to stable this september) and I must say that I am impressed. The old installer was alittle hard to use, even for those with Linux experience, but now it helps you along most of the way.

I choose the net installer so I didn’t have to download Gb’s of Iso’s and let it get on its merry way, the only thing that was slightly confusing was the package chooser after I had choose to install custom packages (there are default options for web, file, print etc. servers). Exiting out of the package chooser mean’t that I had a very basic system, but in 15 minutes I had X installed and then after I installed gnome from the standard APT installation

apt-get install gnome

And this version of gnome was very impressive. Samba, smbclient and smbfs installed just as easily and then I could see out windows network with little effort.

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