Linux update


So I have started to use Linux as my main desktop at work. Well sort of, I have got MS Remote Desktop setup on my windows box so I can still access the applications that I NEED to run for work, namely – Microsoft Visio, Microsoft SourceSafe, Microsoft Visual Basic Studio, .Net Studio, and a couple of other bits and pieces. But running terminal services in t his way is actually quite good, and for the majority of the time its all I need. I do prefer the TSClient (apt-get install tsclient) to rdesktop at the moment

As for the Linux box, its a fairly standard Debian install from sarge (Debian testing release), then updated to Sid (Debian unstable release) using Apt. I am running the 2.6 Kernel which at the moment has proved very stable, and on top of that I have Gnome installed which is not half bad.

If you are running Gnome, I would say spend a couple of minutes configuring it to your liking, setting up mouse, environment, windowing, display (in particular fonts) and you will be much happier for it.

Standard with Gnome on Debian is Ximian Evolution, and excellent mail package – but not standard was the exchange connector. This is available as an APT package, but I couldn’t get it to install so I reverted to source and installed that, and so far so good.

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