Interpolation software


So what to use to interpolate your photos, well I have been using Genuine Fractals Print Pro for many years now but there are a couple of newcomers on the market, with the surprise being Adobe Photoshop CS. Apparently, and I have yet to test, using “bicubic smoother” option when upsizing will give you excellent results within certain ranges. I wouldn’t use it for downsizing – “bicubic sharpening” being the favoured method still.

I have also tested Extensis pxl smartscale but I didn’t find the results quite as good as Genuine Fractals on almost all subject matter. Its just a pity that Genuine Fractals program is so buggy. Which is why perhaps this new entrant (well new to me), Shortcut PhotoZoom Pro will make some head way. I think the only way to test these products is to do a high quality print but I will see if I can check it out.

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