I have a new mouse!


And I think it is fantastic. Although a normal mouse will do the job just fine, if you spend as much time as I do in front of a computer then your input devices are very important. I already had a fairly good mouse in the shape of a Microsoft Intellmouse Explorer. It wasn’t wireless, but it was optical, had the scroll wheel and enough buttons but I noticed that it wasn’t particularly precise.

Enter the new Logitech MX1000, it doesn’t use a normal optical system system but a laser and so is mean’t to be 20 times more sensitive and it certainly feels that way and alot more solid than anything else I have used to move a cursor on the screen. In fact I would say it really makes the way I interact with the computer more enjoyable by a large degree.

It is also wireless with a built in Lithium battery, has tilt wheel, battery indicator, loads of configurable buttons and the software included isn’t bad either.


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