MITs $100 laptop


I have grabbed this from a forum I frequent often, but it was too good not to post.

It has been talked about before but according to the $100 is getting closer to launch.

laptop ext2

The reasons for creation are obvious, and the main one – bridging the poor rich information divide a good one, but its the design of the thing that really impresses and I think it even betters the design of Apples best products. Of course it will probably run a version of Linux (I hope Debian of course but then I am slighty biased towards that distro), and have all the basics a Laptop needs. They are trying to get the display price down – one of the most expensive parts for a laptop, and also its power consumption right down – cutting down the need for big expensive and hard to dispose of lithium batteries.

laptop ext

They have also gone for the combination of 500Mhz, and 1Gb RAM – lots of apps can run in that particularly on a lightweight Linux distro, but will be speedy enough if they don’t run Gnome or KDE.

The external design is excellent, even the power cord doubles as the carry strap.


I actually want one of these more than a PSP at the moment!

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