Moving the blog to WordPress continued


Well I am still on this tip, and the more that I am doing with it the more that I think its a good idea. Afterall, can I really spend the time I have at the moment reinventing the wheel, or instead getting ready for other things.

So WordPress it is, and I have so far found the RSS import of past data really easy, particularly after making sure that the RSS was valid – watch those ampersands basically, which often means making sure they are correct in any links that you might have embedded into your site.

Since then I have sorted out the categories, put in the old links – which look quite out of date now, and of course installed all the plugins such as Spam protectors, image galleries, contact forms, adsense bits and pieces and automatic keyword detection – all of which would have taken a while for me to code up myself in PHP.

I am hoping to have this live next week, but I need to do the design – yes for once I have started with that because I wanted to get the content sorted first of all.

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