Firefox 1.5 is out


Yes, Mozilla Firefox 1.5 is now out! Ready for download, though the site is down ready for the launch of Firefox Flicks. I just beta tested Firefox flicks, and it is basically really going to cause a lot of noise on the blogsphere. Personally it ran really badly on my G4 Laptop – but then many of Flash Apps do.


Its going to be interesting to see what gets posted up on that site, particularly when you have things like being produced. It would be lovely to see that kind of quality oif production and ideas, but I am sure that its going to create some interesting content nonetheless. I wasn’t that happy with the usability either (a flash app it is, but it still could be better), firstly hard to understand, secondly if I wasn’t beta testing the site could I be bothered to find out. Well time will tell.

Wired has an interesting article,1272,67612,00.html talking about Mozillas marketing tactics that is worth a quick read.

but should users upgrade to the new Firefox, well yes, there are new security features, the rendering engine Gecko has been rewritten and the extensions are now a smoother prospect. I have yet to install it, I will after this post, but one question remains – will it integrate with OSX properly using the OS’s in built authentication schema or will it still store usernames and passwords in its own little world? Well I am going to find out in a second, and then its off to bed – after all its about 02:15am in Norway at the moment. Time indeed for some sleep.

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