Well I have used Firefox for ages now, and although it is my preferred browser on Linux and Windows, for Mac it is less than ideal. As I have previously noted Mac users are used to their usual way of working, and although somethings could be improved, such as adding decent package management (the fink project goes someways to rectifying the situation – but one has to ask why this wasn’t included as standard) others are quite well thought out.

Amoungst these are support for the keychain access, and Mac usability. There is a good reason to follow the usability standards set by a OS developers be it Microsoft or Apple (Linux doesn’t seem to have any which is why the Gnome and KDE, and all the other provide such bad usability) as users of these operating systems get quickly accustomed to ways of working and changes in this, cause frustration, hardship in use and other usability problems.

So from now on, even though I really like Firefox, particularly the new rendering engine I have to pledge my Mac support to the excellent Camino.

Get Camino!

In fact so much so that I have just upgraded xcode and I am going to create a G4 optimised version for my powerbook. It runs fast, but I think that it could run faster on my 1Ghz G4 powerbook.

Of course I could just use Safari but that browsers rendering engine just isn’t as good as Mozilla Gecko.

I will post on how I get on.

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