Started skole!


Today I started Norwegian classes at Nygård school in Bergen, doing the morning classes 8:30 till 12:00 with 30 minutes break. Damn that feels early!

If you want to join you have to go along to the school between 1pm and 3pm 5 days a week on the 4th Floor to get registered on to the waiting list. I was lucky and joined the next day – today.

Basically there are different prices for differing lessons so it is best to ask for a months price, and because I have registered with the police and I am in Samboir when my number comes through from the Police this should be covered, otherwise you have to pay this. Books cost about 700Kr – not a small amount of money either.

The school is near the center at Lars Hilles gate 16 A/B.

I am going to upload a Photo of the outside when I have another moment.

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