thursday links


Some more links for this week that I need to catch up on in my spare time, with a slight transport theme for some reason:

Wired News: World’s Most Expensive Cars, 2006: “      


Of course it has the Bugatti Veyron in there. And if you are interested in cars, do a search for “Audi R10″ in google; A mad turbo diesel Le Man race car. And if you are really bored here some overloaded vehicles: is an interesting coding and .net blog.

On the transport side again, the stealth boat. The things kids dreams are made of.

This guy, craig, does some awesome artwork of games. Even if you are not into games at all the artwork is stunning.


Miss those Starbucks frappuccinos? Its worth checking out the comments on this one, because I don’t think what they have pasted is quite a frappuccino, more of a flavoured cold coffee, I am going to try the frozen expresso variation I think.

And finally, a Web 2.0 reality check. I am sure it is too much to ask all the journalists currently peddling Web 2.0 as the big thing to read this. Theres a good article along the same lines by Catrina entitled “it’s a bad time to start a company”. In case you don’t know she was involved in flickr.

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