Introducing Macbook


It is finally here!!! The new apple Mac Book, available in white and black with built in iSight and with intel core duo. It looks sweet in black but they are selling that at a premium which is probably not worth it.

MacBook Black

Here it is in white, with a 1.83Ghz Intel Core Duo chip, 60Gb HD, 512Mb Ram and a Combo drive it costs $1099.


The specs for the next model up is 2.0 Ghz, 60Gb HD, still only 512Mb Ram and a Super (DVD burning) drive it costs $1299. The black version is costing $1499 which is quite a premium for an upgrade to black and a 80Gb drive. I am hoping that it will change after a few months ala iPod.

It of course comes with iLife, an Apple remote, Magsafe power adapter, WiFi and Bluetooth, gigabit ethernet, digital audio in and out, 2 USB 2.0 and 1 400 Mbps firewire and a scrolling trackpad.

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