Debian to Ubuntu without reinstall


So still on this subject I decided that I would do some reading, and everything that I have seen points to the fact that its a bad idea.

I upgraded a box from Ubuntu 6.06 to Ubuntu 6.10 last week to test the upgrading, and it really didn’t like it.  This was a freshly installed desktop machine with no funny hardware so that is putting me off going from Debian to Ubuntu totally.

I am going to keep my Debian box as is for the moment, though I must admit I have got my eye on a nice Intel Mac Mini for a replacement or to use as a media box.  In fact I would love to replace several of my boxes (my Database server, my MythTV box (using my server as a backend and my firewall) but I am not sure whether it makes financial sense.  Even secondhand a Mac Mini is going to cost at least £200 I would have thought, but it might be a better option than having these huge boxes around at the moment.

Something to ponder on.  Like I need it!

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