Co-ordination number


On friday I got one step nearer to being properly registered in Sweden and that was getting my co-ordination number.  This is a number that can be used by foreign citizens in Sweden for tax and other purposes when one doesn’t have a personal number.  I got the number by sending off the form I recieved from Skattekontoret Uppsala to Skatteverket.  This form I had to phone up for since I am a member of the EU.

I have also applied for the rights to residency using form 140011 “Registration of right of residence”, which will then give me the personal number needed so often for everyday matters in Sweden.  Again being from an EU member state I don’t need to since there are rules, but the personal number is needed for most things in life here and so I wanted to go along with the system.

For more information on this will help

Next I will have to get a Swedish ID card…

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