My first update in ages, and its from Singapore.  I have also recently been to Frankfurt and Berlin, but they are of course a little nearer than Singapore.

I think this is the first time that I have been somewhere so humid, but I really enjoyed it here.  Broadcast Asia 2007 seemed to go well, our main reason for coming here but we got a couple of evenings to sample the food – which was great, particularly the crab and the venison.  Singapore is a interesting mix of cultures of Chinese, Malay, Indian and English backgrounds and I must say that I was really impressed with how well everyone is integrated.  I really haven’t seen that much in some of the places that I have visited.

I was also impressed with how well they kept everything in Singapore, the streets of a decent sized are almost always lined with beautiful trees, there are flowers everywhere and its all very clean.

One thing that I was wondering was how it could have changed in the last 55 years since my Grandparents went.  Will have to look into that one.

We are currently waiting in the airport lounge for the plane, so I will be back in Sweden in approx. 24 hours, and then I will be staying for a couple of days before flying to England for the wedding.  Busy days.

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