Happy New Year


Now 2008 is upon us I have noticed that I really haven’t been giving this site the attention it deserves, particularly in the amount of updates, so hopefully I will get much more on top of things here than I did in 2007 but it does feel that I have been quite busy at work and in my personal life so here is a list of what I have been up to:

Moved from Norway to Sweden

Transferred over from Vizrt to Ardendo’s offices in Sweden.

Visited England, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden (I think I can get away with both of those because I wasn’t living in them at the time), Denmark, Australia, Singapore, China, Netherlands, America and Japan – some of them more than once.

Moved from Vasastan to Södermalm in Stockholm.

Met Kristin.

Was the best man at my Cousin’s wedding.

Met lots of people from all over the world.

Took lots of photos and got more into my Photography.

So what’s in store for 2008?

Build or create something.

Keep up the blogging a bit more.

Make someone happy.

Work harder.

So they are reasonably realistic, but I can imagine that every guide out there to getting things done would say be more specific but I understand what they mean to me and I can’t imagine them being anymore uninteresting to anyone else if I went into depths..

Whilst I am on lists I might as well make one more:

Favourite music of 2007: Booka Shade, Plaid and Justice

Favourite film of 2007: Bourne Supremacy

Favourite food of 2007: Sushi in Japan.

Favourite place of 2007: Tokyo, Japan.

Favourite TV show of 2007: Dexter

I will stop now…

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