New paint, new kitchen – almost


Last weekend we got our act together and started on the kitchen, its probably the room in the house that needs the least work on it but its nice to make our own mark and give it some character.

As with the rest of the house, the ceilings are white, and some of the smaller walls we kept white, which goes nicely with the kitchen units and the old 1920s original kitchen cupboards and doors that are still there.

But on the main wall, and the two smaller side parts we painted pistachio green, and also behind the radiator. It looks good, and certainly adds much needed colour to the space.

I cleaned all the cupboards, tiles and wordwork, Kristin cleaned the windows, floors. So it looks as good as new.

Hottip: I gave all the stainless steel appliances a clean with warm water and very little washing up liquid, and then coated with WD-40 on paper towels. A little WD-40 goes a long way, after a minute wipe of with a cloth bringing up to a shine. WD-40 helps to polish and will also repel grease, fingerprints and other marks for quite some time.

Now all to be done is to put on the new shelves that will hold the Hi-Fi, repair the wiring to the dish washer and HiFi, and oil & seal the kitchen work surface.

After we put everything in, I will put up some photos. Yay!

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