More nice things for the home


Last weekend we went on quite the shopping spree, taking advantage of the summer sun, the summer sale and the good mood generally about in Stockholm.

First stop after lunch was Iittala again and we got the following:


A Taika mug to go with the Taika bowl we bought earlier. And also some Alvar Alto tiny bowls / tea light holders:


We got some for presents and then 2 green and 2 blue for the home. And we also picked up some Moomin (Mumin) cups (which are from Arabia – part of the Iittala group and designed by Tove Slotte-Elevant).


Hattifatteners, The Groke, Sniff, Love, Stinky and I think snufkin.

And we also bought and Iittala slotted turner for the kitchen, but I am not going to post a photo of that.

To take advantage of the weather we also bought a Sagaform picnic set (Nicely modelled by Kristin):


And that was the ending of the shopping spree for sometime.

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