mkv to mp4 for ps3 on Ubuntu


This is some notes about what I have been trying to do with converting video for the PS3. I have actually decided to use Plex as a media centre as the PS3 is rubbish in its networking and format support. I hope they sort it out sometime.

sudo apt-get install mkvtoolnix gpac mplayer

Need to install NeroAacEnc so download from here:

Unpack linux directory, chmod +x neroAacEnc and copy it to a location of your choice (within your path)

apt-get install faac

faac -q 100 -I 5,6 -P -R 48000 -C 6 -X audio.ac3 -o audio.aac & mplayer blah.vob -aid 128 -vc dummy -vo null -ao pcm -nowaveheader -channels 6

Well I haven’t had much success with that, so I am going to try and convert the audio to a wav file:

a52dec audio.ac3 -o wav > audio.wav

Mmm. Some more work to do on this.

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