I have posted about NetNewsWire many times on here before. Its been my favourite news reading application for a couple of years now (if not more) but recent development has severally hampered the usability of the software.

It seemed to be when they changed it to support sync to Google Reader – not a bad idea by any means, but releasing the software before it was full tested and working was a huge mistake. Trying to push it to people before it was ready was an even bigger mistake.

Now twitter & fb are full of messages about problems with the Mac OSX and iPhone version, and it really needs to be sorted out. I know its free now, but as I have said before I paid for it a long time ago and it worked, if its a question of money then release it as a paid version. Not too expensive ( VersionsApp – take note ) but working.

Do not recommend it at the moment, which is such a pity as it used to be one of my favourite applications.

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