Last week – an update


Been quite busy over the last week, getting things ready for the baby and it was Kristin’s Birthday.

We went out for a meal at Sjögräsin Södermalm ( south Stockholm ) and it was really good. I had a nice Reindeer steak with Hazelnuts and Cranberries, and then a Run tasting for desert. Next time I will go for a starter as the portions are quite small in this dish, though I saw a couple of tables over a huge portion of what looked like a salad being served. Anyway I would recommend it.

This weekend we went to Paladar de Cuba again, this time for a friends leaving party. Love the food there too.

Paladar de cuba

At home last night I cooked a lovely Roast Lamb which I think was almost as good as anything I have eaten out recently though it did serve to show me that I really need a meat thermometer. Getting lamb the right temperature in the middle is rather tricky when its not on the bone.

In the past week I have also been playing around with my hackintosh, a seriously easy build and a great way to get a fast and inexpensive OS X solution.

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