Trip to England


The weekend we got back from a visit to England primarily to see my parents as it was my Dads 60th Birthday – Happy Birthday! and we also managed to see some friends, and meet up to do a little business.

First stop was London. Its always interesting to go back to the place after having lived there for about 10 years. I forgot how busy SoHo gets during the day, but that was made up by other factors. London is overwhelming with choice, vibrancy and colorful people. One thing that was new to me was how much harder it is to get around with a pram than Stockholm. Here is Harriet at her first visit to an English Pub. She was asked to leave..

Harriet in England

After a couple of days we moved on to Bath to visit my cousin and his family. Its always nice to visit Bath, a more relaxed venue than London. It was good to catch up, and we have a brief trip to the farmers market.

Then it was on to Exmouth via a scenic drive. My parents hired a very nice apartment on the sea front which was much appreciated and we could watch the usual English sea-side vacation weather in its full glory.

We took a drive to see some wildlife and black swans.

Visit to a Donkey Sanctuary

Went to the small fishing village of Beer (no we didn’t have a chance to have any):

And at the end a really good get together with a lot of the family for my Dads 60th.

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