Switching from YUI to JQuery


I have been using the Yahoo YUI Javascript library for more than a couple of years now (perhaps about 4) and although I really like it, I have never felt particularly productive using it.

Over those years I have also dabbled in other frameworks, including:

Anyway, what I am currently developing really needed some strong enhancements, such as AJAX calls, better table views, nice widgets for date and time picking – the usual enhancements and I just felt that YUI was taking too long. My wishlist was:

  1. A Very productive library
  2. Good support from a community of active users
  3. Good documentation.
  4. Doesn’t impose made CSS changes
  5. Speed of implementation and download

YUI 3 was a consideration, after all the Javascript team at Yahoo are among the best in the world, but it was too new and so didn’t have the community I was looking for.

I ended up with JQuery. After spending a day or so getting to grips and training myself properly with it, sure enough my productivity using it has reached heights to which I never got near with YUI (2.7 was the latest version I was using).

Another thing that I noticed was that I am actually writing a lot more productive code, rather than implementing bits of script that I change from all over the web. All the functions I need seem to be in the core library.

So right now, I am making many progressive enhancements to our App and it feels all the better for it.

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