My must have OS X software


I recently had the opportunity to look at what I would install on a vanilla OS X system and its was quite interesting to look at what I depend on and if I didn’t have it, what would be on my Christmas software list. So here goes:

  1. Git: Probably not the first thing that I would install, but it wouldn’t be the last. Via the proper GIT installer
  2. Python 2.7: Wouldn’t bother with the OS X version, I would go straight for the version from
  3. Postgresql 9.x: Of course I need a database.
  4. Brew: Homebrew is probably the best way to install lots of little scripts and things
  5. XCode: For development or installing lots of interesting software, you are going to need it at some point.
  6. MacVim: Fast becoming my favourite editor.
  7. Quicksilver: Good launcher.
  8. iTerm2: Terminal done correctly.
  9. Google Chrome: Love safari, but this is great as well.
  10. Scroll Reverser (Only if using Snow Leopard or previous).
  11. Evernote: Great task management.
  12. DropBox: Good way to sync multiple documents.

I think the weirdest thing about this list is that there is no Office, no mail client (I can use Mail or Google Mail), none of the productivity Apps that I used to use. Increasingly I am turning to try and run everything within Terminal or iTerm (MacVim just makes me comfortable, but I spend large amounts of time in plain old vim). The other odd or perhaps not is that everything is available at no cost.

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