This is the personal site of Tim Child.

I am Creative Directory and Co-Founder at Cantemo AB where we create extensible next generation solutions to Digital Media Management problems. I live in Stockholm, Sweden where Cantemo is based.

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Using Netlify, Hugo and GitLab


Now that the site is up I thought that I would quickly mention how this is built. I have been really into static site generators for some time, mainly after having to administrate and maintain a large number of WordPress sites and clean them up after hacking attempts (protip: if you want to use WordPress - just pay for it at so that they keep it up to date).

New Site


New Site I have needed to update the site for quite sometime, and I haven’t updated the blog for about 5 years now. At the same time I also needed to work on blog for for which we wanted a static site generator, and then I wanted to have a proper publishing workflow. So I took the opportunity for upgrade this site and learn Hugo at the same time.

UI Design in Hacker News


It seems a week doesn’t get by without a post or two in Hacker News about GUI design or graphic design, often entitled something like “Design for Hackers” or “Design for Developers”. The trouble with all these posts is that they are trying to shortcut the methodology of design by various hacks, even something as lengthy as read 5 books is by-in-large a hack. There is no substitute for practise, for looking and appreciating your world in a different way (this can be self-taught, I will discuss more below) and for in-depth thinking about what either comes down to communication or feedback problems.