Skype and Broadreach team up


Good news for those in the UK, Skype and Broadreach are teaming up for wireless free VOIP calls in the UK where ever the Broad Reach ReadytoTalk service is available.

I have been testing out Skype on a HP iPaq 3715, and apart from not finding out where the microphone and speakers are it works really well.

This will open the application of using this even further as it is already possible to phone outside lines through the skype out service.

A list of locations where it works are available here. And although its not the whole country being covered it is better than nothing and I am sure more will be added soon.

I must admit my usage of Skype is limited often to outside calls, as I often use MSN Messenger to communicate with friends, but most don’t have Skype enabled or they don’t have a headset or microphone and speakers on their PCs but I hope that will change in the future.

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