The new web stack


There is a really interesting article over on Ilya Grigorik’s blog titled []1. Be sure to read the comments if you are interested in how AOL built a similar system many moons ago. I have been thinking about next generation web stacks, with proper (M)VC in the browser, communication with server using SPDY / WebSockets / SSE or similar with SSL, and then the topology of the stack in the background being event driven and that article has some really nice points.

Webcasts to watch


Recently I was unfortunately quite ill and away from work for an extended time, the only upside being that I had some time to spend learning some new things and watching web conferences on my Apple TV2. Of those that are of interest, I am going to note them down here: LeWeb – Really quite good, european focused web event PyCon 2011 – A must watch for anyone using Python.

Realtime web – Orbited vs Tornado


My latest task and one that I have been researching and playing with for some time is to integrate real time feedback in to our web application. The main goal is to be able to provide real time feedback of jobs and updates to users without Ajax style polling. This is a simple requirement to write, but one that had many deeper issues. Firstly it needs to be able to handle many users concurrently and secondly it should do so without blocking execution of code.

Google chrome OS

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Wow, Google have announced the release of the Google OS. Although it wasn’t entirely a shock its nice to see that they are promoting something from the ground up. Looking forward to trying it out even if I don’t have a netbook.

Django and OSX

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Those who have been here before know that I am a big fan of the Django python webframework, and also a big fan of OS X. So I thought that I would install Django on my MacBook Pro. I did have it all installed on my G4 laptop, but I am going to be using it with at least two different databases on this machine. I am not going to give a complete, what I typed style install, just an overview because it is fairly easy.

upgraded wordpress


Just a quickone, but I have upgraded wordpress on this site to version 2.2.1 which should be the very latest. I had it stuck at a very old version before so it should operate better now, and also I should have all the latest bug fixes.

Zussaweb now with Newzbin IDs

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The modification I made to zussaweb the PHP frontend to HellaNZB is now available in sourceforge for downloaded as a 0.3 release. They tidied it up abit, but I am glad it made it in after all the requests and emails that I got for this feature. Now perhaps I should integrate a Newzbin RSS feed!!

Firefox 2 is released


So firefox 2 the latest release from Mozilla is out to the public today, and so I am typing this to you from it. I think its looking good, though I am not sure what it is doing to the padding on the backend of WordPress. I am really liking the built in spell checker. Its a nice feature particularly when you spend a lot of time typing into websites.



The excellent Langalist now has a blog up at  to compliment the always excellent email list. Today I am going to try out the X1 desktop indexed search tool that they recommended. For more information on that either check out langa blog or visit directly.

Dreamhost backup plans

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I have been looking at how I backup my data at home, and one thing that always comes to mind is how to get these backups of site, and preferrably into a different geographical area easily. Well Amazon S3 storage was always on my mind, but recently Dreamhost have gone crazy with their storage offerings. I know have over 400Gb of space with over 4Tb of transfer for a small outlay each month.