The new web stack


There is a really interesting article over on Ilya Grigorik’s blog titled []1. Be sure to read the comments if you are interested in how AOL built a similar system many moons ago.

I have been thinking about next generation web stacks, with proper (M)VC in the browser, communication with server using SPDY / WebSockets / SSE or similar with SSL, and then the topology of the stack in the background being event driven and that article has some really nice points. Kinda interested in playing with 0MQ now and perhaps hooking it up to Go, Erlang or just plain old Gevent.

Probably wouldn’t use a NoSQL backend because there is little reason most of the time.

The hackernews article is here:

Damn I feel old fashioned having this blog on Apache | PHP | MySQL. At least my work environment is Nginx | Gunicorn | Python | Postgresql

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