Sunny Saturday

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Well the [sun]() has finally decided to make an showing in London to warm up the capital, and very nice it was too. Spent a nice day walking down The Thames and along Southbank taking in the views, the beach or what you can call a beach though I am sure the reclaim the beach parties are in aid of something and generally enjoying the weather before it takes a turn back to the norm.

As I have just started readingLondon: The Biography by Peter Ackroyd I felt like I had a little more knowledge on how London has been in times gone by, it certainly is a good read if you want to get to know more about the capital, and if you have a passing interest I recommend it.

After Southbank we ended up in Borough Market heaving as always with busy people looking for something rather good to eat. We ended up getting a nice Sea Bass, vegetables and flowers. I have never been disappointed with the food there yet, unfortuntely so perhaps for the waistline but the surrounding Pubs and Coffee bars are also worth a visit on their own merit and we ended up having a much needed Bitter in the Market Porter, founded in 1620 it still serves up some interesting ales and beers. One thing that would approve Stoney Street and the ajoining streets would be to get rid of the cars, and of course restrict access to the street for the market place traffic so we could get some much needed Benches and chairs out for a sunny day.

Rounded off the day by visiting Tas for a spot to eat, which has actually killed my appetite for the Steak and Guiness pie I was going to bake tonight.

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