The whole darknet thing has been interesting me recently, not as a way of doing anything undercover, just more of the potential of running networks on top of networks and closed community creating new content.

One post that really got me into it was that at:


When Kori Bernards of the MPAA got many questions thrown at her about copyright, when the discussion should have been about Darknets. It goes a little way to show the passion that users have for buying content and using it in the ways they want not in the predefined ways that the middlemen think we should.

The reason it arose in the darknets talk was obviously connected. I have mirrored the videos that are of the event here:

JD Lasica’s Darknet Mashup

SXSW audience and MPAA

Ian Clarke – Encoding broke my DVD

DCMA and Flickr

One of the most interesting papers on darknet is a must read if you are interested in the subject, The Darknet and the Future of Content Distribution by Peter Biddle, Paul England, Marcus Peinado and Bryan Willman.

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