Stockholm congestion tax and roads in general

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Have been borrowing a couple of cars quite recently and I have just noticed that its cheaper to take a car from inside the city and pay the congestion charge than to pay the average day car parking fee, now I am not sure how that helps matters. Surely it would be better to leave the car at home and just use public transport until I need the car. I haven’t looked at how much a monthly permit is but I wonder whether it is cheaper than the 25Kr a day it costs in congestion charge at the times that I use it…

Petrol Meter


All over the world right now people are thinking about the price of Oil, mostly because it costs so much to run their big engined, wasteful cars and not because of any effect it will have on the environment. Most of the time these cars are accelerating quite fast, running not so frugally and generally polluting everything around them and adding to general problems of the earth. Of course hurting people in their wallets or purses will perhaps make users change, but what about if they could actually see how much money they are wasting?

C’etait un Rendezvous


These students rock. C’etait un Rendezvous: “ In 1976, a Frenchman made a film called ‘C’etait un Rendezvous’ consisting solely of some guy driving a Ferrari really, really fast through the streets of Paris. The idea is that the guy wanted to meet his girlfriend (hence the title) and the film ends with him parking the car and getting out to meeting a pretty young thing on some hillside.



Haven’t posted for a while, which is becoming a bad habit, but one of the reasons being getting over this beauty: As you can see it visually stunning, but the first thing that hits you is the smell of expensive Italian leather as you enter, then its how solid everything is as you pull off, the whole car feels like it is hewn out of lightweight metals, but really it is quite a heavy car, which is all the more amazing for the hit that the front engined V12 gives when it keeps accelerating, and accelerating, and accelerating.