Odeo Mío

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Friend, and one time radio collaborator Minusbaby has just got into Odeo. You need to check it out!! Odeo Mío: “My latest semi-obsession is ODEO . I made a channel. Vocal Intros and Breaks in Popular Music ‘I’m recording sections of songs and transcribing them. Voice(s) in a song which are without musical accompaniment and don’t reference the song they’re a part of harmonically, rhythmically or melodically. They’re just talking.’


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Well the posts have been slowing down again, probably because I started at Vizrt this Monday, all going well so far. Will probably post more stuff regarding that when I am more settled. Anyways, before I moved to Bergen I was looking through my cupboards getting rid if excess so that I didn’t have to take unwanted items when I found that I basically had enough bits of computer to build a complete new one.



Wow! I have been testing out quite a few plugins for cubase recently, to complement my established synths and effects and I am loving the Tweakbench VST effects and VSTi’s go download some now:



Currently listening to Fixed::Content by Labradford perfect for a sunday morning – or what would have been my Sunday morn if the clocks hadn’t gone forwards, utterly pointless idea I think.

bjork now playing


Just going to play the new Bjork album, Medulla on humhum radio for a bit. Its the first time that I have listened to it aswell, but I have heard that it is good! Pleasure Is All Mine Show Me Forgiveness Where Is The Line? Vokuro Oll Birtan Who Is It Oceania Submarine Sonnets/Unrealities XI Desired Constellation Ancestors Mouths Cradle Mivikudags Triumph Of A Heart And if you like it, buy it: Bjork – Medulla.

Now playing!


For the next couple of hours, whilst doing some work, I am going to be playing some tunes on HumHum Radio so catch a listen if you can, I haven’t had alot of time to spend on it recently, but I am playing some jazz, blues, northern soul;